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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

A Note About COVID-19 As We Plan For 2021 Lacrosse Programs

We are planning on running scheduled lacrosse programs during the 2021 calendar year. We will plan and hope for the best. We will also continue to monitor the situation, and remain nimble.  We prioritize the health and safety of our participants.

We believe we offer an important experience for youth. We believe the mental health of youth is important and tied to this experience. We believe that we should continue to offer our programs as safely as we realistically can.

We will continue to implement COVID-19 Safety Protocols, which may be adjusted as needed.  These protocols are defined below on this page.  If they are changed then it will be updated on this page, and registrants will be also be notified via email.

In registration for any JHLC program, every player and a parent must sign off on the "COVID-19 WAIVER, CONSENT & COMPLIANCE TO PROTOCOLS". 

In order for our lacrosse programs to happen, there must be a 100% effort on everyone's part.  Help make playing lacrosse possible by doing your part, and by educating your child in these protocols and making sure they are prepared to adhere to them. With everyone's efforts, we plan to have a safe atmosphere while still providing a great lacrosse experience. Thank you all for your efforts on this front.


All participants registering must comply with all of the JHLC COVID-19 Safety Protocols.  By registering you are confirming that you have read and are aware of all JHLC COVID-19 Safety Protocols, and are agreeing to comply. 

If a person has had known exposure to COVID-19, or is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms you agree that neither the player nor parent will attend JHLC programs.

If a player is unable or unwilling to follow the Protocols, you are aware that staff may dismiss the player from that and future practice sessions.


Everyone must follow all Teton County Health Department Protocols for Contact, Self Isolation, and Quarantine.  Your honesty impacts the club's ability to operate and everyone's chance to play.

CONTACT FAQs (Teton County)

Signs & Symptoms of COVID (CDC)

When to Quarantine (CDC) *includes definition of "contact"

Self Isolation & Quarantine Questions (Teton County)

Self Isolation FAQs (Teton County)

Self Quarantine FAQs (Teton County)

Youth Sports Program FAQs (CDC)

Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club 

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Version 1.7 - 04.01.2021

If anyone does not feel comfortable then they should not feel pressured to participate.  If anyone is experiencing any COVID -19 symptoms, has had known exposure, or has a concern that they have COVID-19 then they absolutely should not attend a session.

Below are JHLC’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols.  Given the changing pandemic environment, these guidelines may change at any time. Any changes will be posted here and messaged via email to current registrants.

We will need the help and support of EVERY family to implement these protocols as it cannot be left up solely to the staff.

The following protocols will be in place.

  • Practice Check-In
    • DO NOT come to a session if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms or have known exposure. 
    • SIGN IN / SCREENING QUESTIONS - The JHLC COVID-19 Screening Tool/Monitoring Form must be filled out upon every entry from everyone (players, staff, coaches, managers, spectators) at every JHLC session (practice, scrimmage, game).  
      • There will be printed signs with the QR Code at the practice fields.  This form is also on the top of the home page for  Players, coaches, and spectators should fill this form out on their phone prior to the start of practice, and after they have had their temperature check.  If a child does not have a cell phone, then parents or an adult that is dropping the child off at practice should complete the form for them.  THIS MUST BE DONE BY EVERY PARTICIPANT FOR EVERY SESSION.
    • If a player is showing symptoms during a session then they will not be permitted to participate and the additional staffer will notify the player's parents and the club directors.
  • Face Masks:
    • All players should arrive to practice with a mask and wear a mask while getting dressed for practice.  Masks will not be required during play, but a player may wear one if they want to.
    • Staff will wear a mask during check-in, and during practice when they are unable to social distance.  If a coach is socially distanced they are not required to wear their mask.
  • Social Distancing
    • Players and staff should social distance before practice, during breaks, and after practice.  If they are interacting within 6' then they should be wearing a mask.
    Hand sanitization:
    • Players should keep hand sanitizer in their equipment bag and use before practice, at the start of any breaks, and at the end of practice.
  • Player Equipment:
    • Players should not share equipment.
    • Players should remain socially distanced while putting on equipment before the start of practice, and while taking off equipment at the end of practice. 
    • Players equipment bags must be zipped up during the session and should be spaced out from other players bags.
  • Water:
    • Players must bring their own water bottles for the session.
    • There will be no water jugs or communal water.
    • Players may not share water bottles.
    • Players water bottles should remain in their bags during the session.
  • Spectators:
    • Spectators at practices are limited to 2 per player. Spectators must also fill out the JHLC COVID-19 Screening Tool/Monitoring Form. Any parents or spectators at practice must remain off the field of play.  If a field is fenced, the spectators should be outside of the fence.  Spectators should remain social distanced or wear a mask if they are unable to do so.



Teton County Health Department Updates


  1. Spring Break Travel + Off Season Recommendations:

    • The CDC recommends to test 3-5 days after travel AND to stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7

      days after travel (even if your test comes back negative). However, the Teton County Health Department recommends testing on day 5 for a more accurate test result. If your day 5 falls on the weekend, we recommend testing after day 5, if possible.

    • If symptoms develop, it is recommended to test right away.

    • People can test through Vault (saliva) or Curative (cheek swab).

      1. Vault Tests: COVID-19 Vault test kits are free and available for pickup either outside of the Teton County Health Department building (460 East Pearl Ave) in the blue cooler with instructions in both English and Spanish, as well as inside the County Administration building in the lobby, and Town Hall. You can also order them for free.

      2. Curative Tests: Community members can schedule a free COVID-19 Curative test at the Curative Kiosk for when they return from Spring Break by clicking here.

    • If you have questions about what is required for your travel or returning to the States, please call the place of origin and or the airlines.


Additional Resources

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